How we think about the future impacts what we do in the present. In our practice, we bring essentialism to the forefront of our design approach to create a timeless aesthetic imbued with meaning and insight.

What would be possible if we saw things from a new perspective, or asked a different question?


Founded in 2016, we began as a one stop shop for brand development and social media primarily with a client base of SMBs and start-ups. In a rapidly shifting digital landscape, we work with fast-growing companies across the world to launch products, drive results, build momentum, and accelerate organic market growth. At the intersection of strategy, meaningful connection, and innovative storytelling, we grew into an award-winning creative agency with the privilege of working with clients across the world to execute imaginative visions in their industries. Based in NYC, where over 700 languages are spoken every day, our work is informed by what is happening on the ground in art, culture, and design. From Fortune 500 to our neighborhood slice shop, we are on a mission to add more love in the world through the power of considered design.


         With a purpose-driven approach to innovation, we design sensorial brand experiences to amplify human connection and inspire the world. Grounded in essentialism, omnichannel strategy, and collaborative partnerships, we execute design solutions that bring the conversation to the next frontier. Through this dynamic approach, we help companies generate the Domino Effect through high level thinking and storytelling.


          The world is a sensory experience of design: natural, built, augmented, and virtual. We draw inspiration from the felt perception of nature, the beauty of things unconventional, the purpose of each object in the Japanese tea house, and the art of living. We bring form to feeling and functionality to design. Our work lives at the intersection of art, storytelling, and the profound collective human experience.

     [Global vision]

           To design is to create meaning in space. Our practice brings essentialism to the forefront of our design approach to create a timeless aesthetic imbued with meaning and insight. From strategy to execution we strive to create uncommon work that leverages the power of the unexpected to deliver value.

                    As a diverse network of cross-functional strategists and creatives, we help our partners identify opportunities to accelerate growth, resist mediocrity, and bring bold visions to life. Everything we do is a Domino Effect with the capacity to span the world. Information travels up to two-thirds the speed of light and our degrees of separation are closer than ever before. While technology has enabled us to become more interconnected than ever before in human history, we remain in search of a meaningful connection.

           Design is our form to bridge the formless—to shift, deepen, and ignite our lived experiences on this planet. This is how we are changing the world how we can, everyday.


• Brand Identity
• Brand Strategy
• Creative Direction
• User Experience
• User Interface Design
• Product Design
• Website Development
• Campaign Development
• Print + Editorial
• Messaging + Storytelling
• Brand Assets