How we think about the future impacts what we do in the present. In our practice, we bring essentialism to the forefront of our design approach to create a timeless aesthetic imbued with meaning and insight.

What would be possible if we saw things from a new perspective, or asked a different question?


St. Onge


Brand Identity, Website Design, Website Development, Art Direction, Messaging.


September 21, 2023


A leading hair studio specializing in luxury extensions in the PNW. Joanne, the owner's, intentional approach is centered on emerging the big-picture vision through building unique connections on an individual level. After becoming a top educator and working backstage at runway shows, Joanne opened her first studio in Bellevue, Washington in 2013. In 2023, Joanne opened her second location in her hometown of Moses Lake as a meaningful return to her community. The St. Onge 1-on-1 approach is designed to cultivate a private, relaxing, and luxurious atmosphere. With every detail considered, the St. Onge experience extends beyond creating the hair of your dreams—it is about magnifying the impact we can have in the world when we walk out of the studio feeling energized, confident, and beautiful.